40 Days to Personal Revolution Program Tuesday,February 13th-March 27th, 2018

June 19, 2017 | lotusyoga

This is a 6 week Program designed by Baron Baptiste. It will give you the tools to improve your life, your health, give you a better source of understanding where you are in your life and get out from confusion, comfort zone, self no acceptance, worries, judgments, etc. This program is your first step to personal transformation.

Yelena will lead you through this program. She has taught this program since 2007 helping people to find their health and happiness. At the end of this program students will receive the tools how to reconnect and empowering yourself through positive thoughts, approach great action  in your daily life turning negativities to positive way. Join to this program and love what you will  find!

Our first weekly meeting will start Tuesday, February 13th at 6:30pm-7:30pm

$150p/p includes six weeks unlimited yoga classes plus weekly meeting without the book (purchase in your own).

$170p/p includes book “40 Days to Personal Revolution”, six weeks unlimited yoga classes and weekly meeting

Pre-registration is required before the first meeting February 13th, 2018!

Private session of “40 Days to Personal Revolution Program is available by appointment on your own convenience. Please contact us (920)540-8112  or email lotusyogaonline@gmail.com to sign up or  schedule private session, or for further questions.



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