Acupuncture and Yoga Nidra with Carlene Janssen and Yelena Foster Wednesday, June 17th, 2020 at 6-7pm

February 26, 2020 | lotusyoga

Please join Dr. Carlene Janssen and Yelena Foster for Acupuncture and Yoga Nidra workshop to detoxify your body, relax your mind and prepare yourself for the spring.

Dr. Carlene is a licensed acupuncturist at Honey & Sage Healing in Fond du Lac. She will provide acupuncture session to incorporate some seasonal points: for the Liver spring time and seasonal allergies along with ear points (3 in each ear) and relaxation points on the hands (1 in each hand), feet (1 in each foot), and between eyebrows (2 between the eyebrows). These points will help with seasonal change, staying healthy, and relieving stress.

Yelena Foster will provide you with calming Yoga Nidra meditation and calming and relaxing sound of singing bowls.

This workshop is great for people that get sick easily or have seasonal allergies in the spring time and people that need a little extra relaxation and calmness.

Early bird price until June 10th- $25, after or drop-in-$35.


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