Types of Yoga Classes

Yoga is practiced in a hot room exception is a Restorative yoga
Yogis of all skill levels welcome!

Beginners – (60 minutes)

This is an introductory class, teaching the fundamentals of Yoga. Our teachers will demonstrate a few poses, explain their benefits and have you practice them all while correcting you if needed to ensure your safety.

All levels- (60 minutes)

Designed for  beginners and experienced yogis with challenging and regular poses. All levels class teaches you to find balance during yoga practice and not  be afraid to try new poses.

Intermediate Yoga– (75 minutes)

Intermediate yoga class has a numbers of benefit for runners, athletes and golfers. Practicing Intermediate Class will increase flexibility, range of motion, stamina, concentration, balance, release and tone of body muscles. Take yourself to the next levels of self discovery and vitality.

Gentle Restorative Yoga- (60 minutes)

This class was designed to give people deep relaxation and deep stretch. We start this class from meditation and move on for easy poses on the back (supine),stomach (prone) and side of the body. During this class you will gradually create more space in your joints, get more flexibility and release stress from the day. Everyone is welcome! If you have never done yoga before, I highly recommend this class to start your yoga experience! New people are welcome!

Community class by donation (60min) every Saturday at 8:00am-9:00am.

Money from this class will go to local charity. This is type of basic class. New people are welcome!