Enjoy Your Practice
People who enjoy their practice get the best gains. The emotion of enjoyment puts the mind and body into a positive state. If you dread and struggle doing your exercise you might as well not bother as this is negative, and the chances of keeping it up and getting gains are very low.

What to wear
Be respectful of others. Please wear appropriate clothing, such as shorts and t-shirts/tank tops.

Avoid Competition With Others
Some people in your class will be more flexible than you are for they may be able to hold their postures longer. Don’t try to outdo anyone. Look to improve on your own level, as long as you are in a state of improvement, you will get better. Compete with yourself on a sensible basis.

Practice What You Learn
Practice at least 15 to 20 minutes of yoga on a daily basis to keep improving and increasing your level of understanding. Not just the understanding of the poses, but greater understanding of yourself.

Take Total Control
Your health is your responsibility , no one else’s. If you let someone else take care of it for you, you are benefiting them more than yourself. Learn that prevention is your greatest medicine. The practice of yoga is no quick fix however, it requires regular practice to reap the benefits and results.

Don’t Expect Instant Results
While you will probably feel very relaxed and peaceful after your first yoga session, it can take many weeks of daily yoga practice before you begin to reap any significant health benefits. Patience is a key you must use for the real benefits of yoga to take place.

…and most importantly, have fun!