Introduction to Chakras Part #1 with Yelena Foster Tuesday, April 30th at 6:30-8pm

March 8, 2019 | lotusyoga

What is chakras?  Chakras are an essential part of the bodies energy in each of us. Your own chakras  function determines how comfortable you feel in your physical body, how much inner peace you can enjoy and how successful your relationships are.

During this class you will learn more about specific chakra and how it effects our behavior, our thoughts and our actions. You will learn how to unblock your chakras  by using certain foods, yoga postures and much more.

About Yelena: I have been practicing chakras and different types of meditation over the years, same as yoga. My early meditation was a great journey which has guided me to yoga practice. Through silent meditation I learned to stay calm and listen to my breath, through chakras meditation I learned how to pay attention to all  sensations in my body and how it effects me.  I invite you to join me for this class to gain experience of senses  and be in the moment.

Please save your spot in advance by signing online, at studio or contact me.

Early bird until April 23 -$30, after-$40



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