Meditation and Acupuncture Workshop Thursday, May 16th at 6-7pm with Kari Cobb

April 28, 2019 | lotusyoga

Our quarterly acupuncture and meditation session with Kari Cobb have been popular, so we decided to continue them as often as we could.

Kari is licensed acupuncturist and will be providing space for you to rest, renew and revisit yourself at Lotus Yoga. She will provide the acupuncture part using the acupuncture point selection:

DU20- This a point at the top of the head. It helps improve our physical energy as well as balance our mental and emotional energy states.

Yin tang-This point is more well known as a “third eye”, located on the forehead, between the eyebrows. This point in each ear to promote relaxation. Please come and enjoy a relaxing approach to an inner journey and rest with relaxing meditation.

Shen Men- one point in each ear to promote relaxation.

Pre-registration is required to reserve your spot.

$25 per person

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