200 Hour Teacher Training

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Lotus yoga offers a state approved 200 hours Teacher Training Program and Continuing Education Program for certified yoga teachers following the guidelines established by Yoga Alliance. The Lotus Yoga  Teacher Training School is approved by the Wisconsin Educational Approval Program (EAP).

This program is a foundation for the study of the ancient art and styles of traditional yoga based upon the deep roots of Hatha Yoga. The basics, key elements, and techniques of asana (yoga poses), pranayama (breathing), and teaching skills will be studied. This training will provide the participants the knowledge, practice and experience to become dynamic, innovative and inspiring yoga teachers. This training is open to individuals who would like to become a yoga teacher or become familiar with yoga.
Our mission is to assist other locally, nationally, and globally in creating abundant communities that support the shift of consciousness, from the inner process of yoga to the recognition that yoga is everywhere.

 YOGA TEACHER TRAINING ONLINE + STUDIO, begins Friday, September 11 ,2020 at 5:30pm (contact us for the details by email or call 920.540.8112)
Yoga Teacher Training Program  included:

  •  Yoga History, Philosophy, Lifestyle and Ethics for Yoga Teachers
  • Understand anatomy during yoga poses and physiology
  • Subtle Body: Koshas, Nadis and Chakras; connection between mind and body
  • Eight Limbs of Yoga and how they reflect in our life
  • 12 Laws of Transformation
  • Teaching methodology
  • Skills and different type of Assistance
  • Ayurveda: which is your dosha and how to balance them through  Ayurvedic medicine
  • The Business of Yoga, marketing
  • Technique Training /Yoga Techniques
  • Practicum/ teaching

 LOCATION: ” Lotus Yoga” , 770 S. Main Street,Suite#25, Fond du Lac, 

WI 54935

PAYMENT OPTIONS (payment plans available, please inquire).

Requirements: You have to read the books before your program (please contact us for the book details ASAP).


$100 Application Fee(non-refundable), applies towards tuition

$500 Deposit to save your spot

Immerse yourself through the process of self discovery and unlocking your inner potential!

We will start with morning  meditation and yoga, learning and gaining knowledge what yoga is and why it’s empowering. You will learn yoga history and  philosophy, following towards powerful group discussion, learning about proper alignment of postures, and yoga anatomy.

Yelena has been immerse herself in yoga journey since 2004 and  teaching since 2005 .Yoga lead her to meet, follow and learn from  the inspiring yoga masters which she is grateful for that, and she is looking forward to meeting you and share the gift of yoga!

You will leave this training totally transformed and able to teach with confidence, plus you will be certified as a 200 Hour or Register Yoga teacher through Yoga Alliance.This comprehensive teacher training will be a eight weeks training.

The hours as follows: Friday- 5:30pm- 9:00pm; Saturday-7am-5pm;

Sunday- 7 am- 2pm   (classes on Zoom, pre-recorded videos and at studio). Very flexible schedule.

Week#1- September 11-13th, 2020

Week #2- September 25-27th, 2020

Week #3- October 9-11th, 2020

Week #4   October 23-25th, 2020 

Week #5-  November 6th-8th, 2020

Week #6- November 20-22, 2020

Week#7- December 4-6th,  2020

Week #8- December 18-20th, 2020

School will not be held on holiday weekends.
We offer three payment options.
Choice 1- Full amount by August 17th, 2020- $2350 (early bird price).
Choice 2-First half of full amount by September 1st, 2020 and second of half by November 12th, 2020 (regular price of $2500).
Choice 3-  pay for each school’s weekend $350, total eight weekends.
For payment options, catalog and further questions, please contact lotusyogaonline@gmail.com or call Yelena (920)540-8112
Click “Buy Now” above to make your $100 application fee payment for Weekend Certification, non-refundable, applies towards tuition.

Private Teacher Training is available- $3,300.00

CONTINUE EDUCATION: CHAKRAS, MEDITATION AND YOGA NIDRA COURSE- 16 hours This course counts towards not only towards continuing education for yoga teachers, but also towards 200 Hour Teacher Training if you choose teacher training by modules/weeks according our schedule. Please call Yelena or email lotusyogaonline@gmail.com for details about modules and how it works. During this course you will learn what is meditation and understanding how it works to helping yourself with depression, confusion and anger. You will learn about the chakras in human body and how chakras effect our daily life, our action and emotions. You will learn and enjoy your experience with Yoga Nidra and dive to deep relaxation. Study materials will provided during this course.This course runs Saturday and Sunday October 4-6, 2019

This course counts toward 200 Hour Teacher Training. It is a great opportunity to make your hours and eventually become a certified Yoga Teacher if you are not able  to attend all eight week program .You are able to take all of our single courses according to our offerings for the weekend schedule for Yoga Teacher Training to eventually get to the 200 Hours required. Returning students (who have graduated through Lotus Yoga School),are able to take single courses for a 50% discount of full price. Questions, please contact us 920.540.8112.

TIME: Saturday- 7 am-4pm; Sunday- 7 am-2pm
COST:$250 early bird until September 21, 2019 after- $300
LOCATION: Lotus Yoga and Massage,Fond du Lac, WI
This course is for future yoga teachers and yoga teachers to continue their education. Also, this course counts towards 200 Hour Teacher Training with Lotus Yoga school.
You will get the tools for a better understanding of body movement during yoga practice, observe the students postures and learn how to adjust them verbally and physically. You will receive the knowledge and experience through strong foundation, balance, deep relaxation, stability and resistance. Learn how to make adjustment for your students and help them to get proper alignment and teach them to listen their body base on students intuition. Study material will  provided during this course. Please bring snack, lunch with you. Please email or call us for further questions.
This course runs Saturday and Sunday, November 8-10, 2019
TIME: Saturday- 7am-4pm; Sunday- 7am-2pm
COST:$ 250 early bird until October 17, after-$300
LOCATION:770 South Main Street, Suite 25, Fond du Lac, WI 54935

Please contact Yelena (920)540-8112 or email lotusyogaonline@gmail.com for further questions.


“Yelena wants her students to become the best that they can be and she encourages this at all times.”
-Kristine Froemming, 200 RYT

“I would recommend this teacher training program to anyone aspiring to take themselves,their practice, and their ability to teach others to the next level. Lotus Yoga’s teacher training program is comprehensive and covers all the cornerstones of yoga extensively.”
-Carey Sorenson, 200 RYT , Doctor in counseling psychology

“Lotus Yoga’s teacher training was a great opportunity to learn more about myself and the classic style of yoga. Thanks, Yelena!”
-Courtney Steuer, 200 RYT

“I trained with Yelena one-on-one and it was great! She was very knowledgeable and push me to be my absolute best.”

-Noelle Fenwick, 200 RYT

“I enjoyed my time at Lotus Power Yoga and would recommend it to anyone.”
-Samantha Coulson, 200 RYT

“I got more from this program then I had expected.”
-Sonya Moeller, 200RYT

“Excellent program! Excellent teacher!”
-Joseph Moran, 200 RYT