Men’s Yoga Workshop, Sunday, March 29th at 1:30pm with Danielle Merrit

February 14, 2020 | lotusyoga

We would like to invite the male population to join Danielle for Men’s Yoga workshop!

With the many types of yoga to try and with yoga routines designed specifically to help you to sculpt and tone muscles you would think more men would start to practice yoga. But according to a study by Yoga Journal only 18% of the male population is practicing Yoga! It is sad, only relatively few men who enjoy this ancient practice quickly realized how yoga is beneficial and can make a big impact on their health and their life in general. A lot of famous athletes such as Victor Cruz, Torrey Smith, Mike Adams, Tom Brady and many others do yoga on a daily basis to improve their athletic performance without any injuries.

You don’t have to be an athlete to participate in this workshop, show up and love it! Or if you’re already involved in some athletic activities, you are welcome to come and learn more about yoga and yourself!

Benefits of yoga:- contribute to weight loss by practicing yoga and deep abdominal breathing; positive effect on blood pressure; improve sexual performance; prevent injury; helps relieve chronic lower back pain; yoga reduces stress and helps you sleep better.

$25 before March 29th, drop-in-$30

Pre-registration is required!

Due to situation with virus, Men’s Yoga Workshop will cancelled for this Sunday. We’ll bring this workshop in other time. Please see our updates on Facebook and www. and please check regularly your email.

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