Our schedule for yoga classes

January 13, 2021 | lotusyoga

Our next Zoom morning Yoga session @ 8am Central time will start February 27th, please register here to receive your Zoom link:

Waking up yoga- $38 month to month


2 classes month to month

If you like to practice hot yoga in class at 12pm-1pm every Monday with Yelena Foster on 816 S. Main Street “Kicks Martial Arts Institute”, please use this link to register in advance. It is a requirement. You are not required to wear a mask during your practice. It is totally up to you. We will check your temperature every time before your practice.

Lunch Yoga(more advance practice)- Month to month $39.99 or 6 month saver for $34.99/month

Please use this link to register


Basic Yoga with Yelena/Hope every Wednesday at 4:30pm-5pm and every Thursday at 6:30pm-7pm same location at “Kicks Martial Arts”. Monthly- $19.99

Please use this link to register:


OR VISIT kicksacademy.com to register in advance

Private yoga session available, please email or text us.

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